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We are Responsible

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We are Responsible.

Our work brings together communities, engages school children, and captures the time and attention of children.


We view Responsibility in our work in 3 Main Areas: 

Responsibility: About Us


All of our accessories and hardware are sourced carefully from trustworthy and reputable suppliers.

While many of our suppliers are European-based, we also use suppliers that are sourced locally.

Each supplier is properly vetted using industry-standard methods and processes.

We are committed to executing all playground works in full compliance with local government rules and regulations and the European Standards including DIN EN 1176-1 for playground equipment and surfacing including of general safety requirements and test methods; and DIN EN 1177 for impact attenuating playground surfacing.

We work together with ECO Middle East for full independent examination certification.



The timber we use is environmentally-friendly and is FSC approved.

The Forest Stewardship Council is a leading sustainable forest management body that provides the highest global assurance of supply chain integrity from forest to end user.

The timber

We use only our preferred timber for log playground. The timber comes from a particular type of tree; it has a softwood with a high-quality appearance and predictable strength.

The grain is generally straight and usually the timber has a light brown colour with a hint of red and/ or yellow with darker brown rings.

The tree itself grows to be very large, is very stiff and strong for its weight and is also amongst the hardest and heaviest softwood available.

The timber logs are usually available in the UAE and long lead times can be avoided due to its local availability.

This wood species is not listed in the CITES appendices and is reported by the IUCN as being a species of least concern.


Choosing materials of high-quality that are able to be used to their peak performance ensures its durability and ensures a lesser chance of them needing replacement.

Quality materials have higher endurance and resistance to both, time and weather conditions, which provides you with a higher assurance of safety.



We recently embarked on a journey to Zanzibar with our family to build a climbing frame for the children at the Seeds of Light School.

Building the biggest playground in all of Zanzibar, we supplied the children with a two-storey castle including a slide, see-saw, swing, suspension bridge, climbing wall, monkey bars, and many other features.

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