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The Rock Shack Dubai

We have all felt the physical and emotional drain that the constant exposure to technology can bring. We work, live, learn, and play using some form of technology most of the time.  

It's time to unplug ourselves from our technology and plug into nature instead.

At The Rock Shack, we tailor-make durable, sustainable and safe playing environments using real timber to encourage creative, imaginative, physically active, and engaging free play.  

We know that no space, place, or requirement are alike and that's why we customize our playing environments to bring out the best engagement in any community, school, family, or among individuals of any age, anywhere that want to 'unplug and play'.

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Develop your physical abilities and your self confidence in a versatile space that has something for everyone to test and build their coordination in climbing, mobility, and stamina.


Engage the curiosity of your children with a play environment that encourages discovery and interactive and role play.



Imagine a personalized space for your family to unwind through play and awaken creative instincts.

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"When I became a new parent along with my wife Nina, I wanted to – like all parents – give the very best I have to offer to my children. As they started to grow, I became increasingly aware of how much technology is present in our lives; we use technology to work and learn; and sadly, to play as well. I promised to build them a space where they would remain close to nature, be in a sustainable environment, and play using their imagination. Because I am a skilled carpenter and construction professional, I knew I would be able to develop a beautiful playing environment, but what I didn't fully realize until I saw the outcome was just how beneficial this would be for them, and how uplifted I would feel building it. I want to share my talent and gift with everyone because I've seen firsthand how it has benefitted my children and how we've grown as a family and as parents as a result. I know that it will bring the same fulfillment into the lives of our customers- not just families with children, but for education institutions, community and park developers, and the child in all of us."

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To allow us into your environment is to entrust us with your family or community or children.  Our playgrounds are safe, and free from chemicals and other harmful materials. Visit our Responsibility Page to learn more.

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